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I re-enlisted overseas this past year and my bonus was due 18 NOV 2014. It's now 15 JAN 2015, and I still have no sign of a bonus. I've spoken to my RSC and they continue to give me the run around and no one seems to be taking action. Any advice on what I should do next outside of religiously following up with the personnel handling the bonus inquiry?
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do you think someone on the internet has some magical thing they can do for you that the people who are handling your bonus cant do?

the process is simple
talk to the people who are handling your bonus.
if you dont like thier answer, then talk to thier supervisor
dont like that, talk to his.

this is just like people posting on this forum about recruiting advice.... how about talking to a damn recruiter
Sometimes there are times where you can't talk to a recruiter (like long weekends such as this) and would like some friendly advice from others online sooner, rather than waiting the whole weekend. Try to consider these situations before sarcastically adding to a conversation.

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