I am leaving for Fort Jackson in a few weeks. I am very excited. What do I need to bring with me? I have 1 pair of civillian clothes. (jeans, converse, undergarments, t shirt) 1 bottle of 2 in 1 shampoo. *regular size* and 1 regular sized body wash, a scrubbie, my sports bras, undies, regular bra, black flip flops, eyeglasses case, black hair ties.

About my hair. I have shoulder length hair..but I can't get it tied in a proper bun. My hair falls out. May I use bobby pins to secure it?
Since I'm going to be down south...it is going to be different for me cause I live up north...can I bring sunblock? Thank you everyone!
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If I was you I would bring two outfits. Remember there will be a time that you graduate, and you don't want to go to AIT with just a tshirt and jeans after you have been stuck in the same uniform 24/7 for nine weeks. Everything that you need you will get when you get to reception. The Army is going to advance you $200.00 and they are going to give you a specific list of things that you need to buy from the PX there. If you don't have black hair get rid of the black hairbands, they need to match your hair. Yes you can use barettes and bobby pins as long as they match your hair. Get a good strong gel, you don't want to be that girl messing with her hair all the time.
And yes you can bring sunblock, or they will make you buy it. Have fun!
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If I was you I would bring two outfits. Remember there will be a time that you graduate, and you don't want to go to AIT with just a tshirt and jeans after you have been stuck in the same uniform 24/7 for nine weeks.

I disagree.
Soldiers still can't wear civilians at AIT until a few weeks and a "phaseup". You can have family/ friends mail you stuff. Just take the bare minimum, so you don't have to pack extra stuff around.
(the army will give you PLENTY to worry about carrying.)

Take a STURDY medium sized backpack to keep your civilian clothes in while they're locked away, and it comes in handy carrying other stuff.
-Black with no logos is best, you can then use it throughout AIT and the rest of your career. (You can use a knife or fork to unstitch a sewn-on logo.)
-Most places also allow ACU camouflage patterns, even though it can depend from place to place:

From the uniform regulation:
"Soldiers may carry civilian gym bags, civilian rucksacks, or other similar civilian bags while in uniform.
Soldiers may carry these bags by hand, on one shoulder using a shoulder strap, or over both shoulders using both shoulder straps. If the soldier opts to carry a bag over one shoulder, the bag must be carried on the same side of the body as the shoulder strap; therefore, soldiers may not carry the bag slung across the body with the strap over the opposite shoulder.

If soldiers choose to carry a shoulder bag while in uniform, the bag must be black with no other colors and may not have any logos. The contents of the bag may not be visible; therefore, see-through plastic or mesh bags are not authorized. There is no restriction on the color of civilian bags carried in the hand.

These rules do not apply to purses, which are covered in chapter 27 of this regulation. Commanders govern the wear of organizational issue rucksacks in garrison and field environments"
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Have you tried a sock bun? My hair is shoulder length too and won't stay in a regular bun, so one of the corporals in my RSP unit taught me how. It works great! I can sleep in it, do PT, etc, and it doesn't fall out at all. I'm going to do my best to explain it. If you have any questions please let me know.

1) Get a sock. If you have thin hair (like me), you'll probably have to get a little girl's sock. If you have really thick hair, a woman's sock will probably work. I had to try several different sizes before I found one that worked for me. It works better if you can find one that is a little bit longer, like maybe mid-calf. Then, cut the toe off and roll it up into a donut.

2) The only sock I could find that worked for my hair type had ribbing, so I had to buy a pair of girls' tights, cut the toe off, and roll it around the sock to smooth it out. I also found that it makes it sturdier and more secure. I don't think womens' hose would work in this case, but leggings might.

3) Wash your hair. It helps if your hair is wet when you put it up. And since you'll have to put it up when you're getting out of the shower after PT anyway, it'll work out.

4) Towel dry your hair and slick it back as tight as you can into a low ponytail. Make sure everything but your ponytail is the way you want it, with no bumps or anything, because there's no going back once you get beyond this point.

5) Hairspray!!! Put as much hairspray as is needed to keep all flyaways 'glued' to your head all day. You may need to put more than you think will be needed. I have some short layers, so I find that I have to put a ton, but some people don't have to put as much.

6) Thread your hair through the sock like a ponytail holder on top of the hairband you already have there.

7) Lean over and look at the ground and spread your hair evenly in a circle on the sock. Put a hairband over the sock to keep your hair down and around it.

8) You'll have ends sticking out, but that's ok for now. Put a little bit of hairspray around the bun itself to keep loose ends in place, at least temporarily.

9) You'll want hair pins (not bobby pins). You don't have to pull them open like you do with bobbies, and they don't pop out like bobbies do. You can get them both thick and thin, depending on your hair type.

10) Pinwheel your hair around the base of your bun and secure with the hair pins. It usually takes me about 5 to get it all secured.

11) Go over the entire thing with a ton of hairspray one more time to make sure it stays.

It takes awhile to explain, but once you know how to do it, it doesn't take any more than 5 minutes, which makes it great for basic training. I reccommend doing it a few times before you go, and wearing and/or sleeping in it at least once so you know what works for you and what doesn't.

When are you shipping? I ship June 9 to Jax.

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