Life as 11B Re-Class (E4) at Benning

11B was in my top 3 on my reclass list. It looks like the option Army is willing to give me.

Can anyone tell me what life is like these days at Ft. Benning for 11B re-class?

Bays or Dorms? (I know every schoolhouse does differently)

DS or AIT Instructor now? (I know they were switching army wide)

Allowed to travel post after duty hours/weekends or am i on lockdown with the PVTs unless we get a pass?

Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated!
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I just went through this a few months ago so here it goes. WShen you arrive, make sure you tell reception that you are prior-service. You'll be put into a bay with all the other prior-service guys. Once your in-processing is complete (four day schedule) you'll wait to be picked up by one of the companies.

Each battalion, company and platoon treat prior-service/reclass's differently. Some are put in batallion billeting, others are put in the bays with OSUT. You priveledges (tobacco, cell phone, etc.) will depend on your 1Sg and the way the DS interpret what the 1Sg tells them.

As of June, you have the Family Day and magically wake up on Monday and you're in AIT. The DS's will still be called DS's. Almost everyone I know that reclassed were put in bays and treated like the Pvt's.

Hope this info helps, any other specific questions, just ask or p.m. me. I graduated with nine prior-service guys and we are all stationed togethor.
I believe that he was describing how with the OSUT training model, you have the Family day as all Basic training classes have, but instead of it ending there, you wake up the next day and you are in the AIT phase of 11 series training. Nothing actually changes, same people, same Drill Sergeants, but on paper you are in the MOS training portion.

It was 14 straight weeks, Basic/AIT, when I went, but I know the training has changed drastically since 2002. Be prepared to have your freedoms stripped away, especially since you are Junior Enlisted, you could end up sharing a bunk with a new Soldier and being granted zero privileges.

Whatever happens, don't let it get to you and don't try to rebel against it. The Infantry is notorious for two things, being in the field and having nothing to do so they fill it with mindless crap.
InfantrytoSignal was right when I described the end of basic Family Day aka 36 hour pass. If you are an E-5 when you report, you'll more than likely be in the Bn Billeting. But be prepared for squad bay life with the Pvt's. As far as your pov, be prepared for it to sit and not be driven. We had E-5 reclass's with us, and they couldn't drive their cars. There was one in a different Bn that was caught driving his pov and recieved an Article 15.
One more word of advise, if you are in billeting be prepared to spend 99% of your time in the bay. You have to stay on top of training with the platoon and their schedule. Like I said before, each bn, company and platoon manages the reclass's differently. the Company 1Sg will say this is the way it is, but it's ultimately up to the DS's.
We had alot of liberty (mainly weekends) as long as we brught back a mysterious Red Bull or pack of smokes and it magically appeared in the CQ desk. Worst part of it all is inprocessing with HHC, and learning the creeds and songs. Once thats's done, it's a cakewalk.
I'm prior service army. I got out a little over a year ago and I'm enlisting again for the 18x contract. When I get to reception will I have to do the same bs formations and crap the new enlisted soldiers have to do? Or will my reception be more fast tracked?

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