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I'm looking for some input as to the life of an active duty female all wheeled mechanic. And more then just the day to day stuff. Like do females actually get hands on time, are there serious issues with gender difference, and personal opinions and stories.
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While I can't give you any feedback as life as a 91B (I was a 31B), I can tell you that life in the military as a female is what you make of it.

As with a lot of male-dominated fields, you have to be better than your male counterparts to get respect. In my old MP company, the females that didn't fuss about make-up or flirt incessantly got respect from the men in our company. The women that did? They weren't taken seriously. I certainly didn't. Not saying that you have to lose your femininity, but with everything, there is a time and a place.
That's definitly very reassuring, I'm pretty tomboy-ish and get along really well with guys. I've never been a drama queen and I don't chase guys it's more fun if they chase me lol. So all in all it sounds like if I keep being who I am there will be no problem there.
I am a 91L and I came up in the motor pool, and I can tell you that if you do your job and stay out of trouble stay focused on learning all you can and ask questions, you should get along very well. I came up in the DS and Org Shops and I learned allot through conducting services and going out on Contact missions. I tell my soldiers there are several things that will make you successful in the Army and that is
1) Take pride in your appearance
2) Be where you’re supposed to be
3) Take initiative
4) Stay away from trouble
5) Stay educated
I see this is a relatively old thread, but being a female mechanic (91B), I can tell you it can be challenging. I have actually worked in the motorpool at only 2 of my 3 duty stations, and the first I got pregnant and had to be moved to the training room. But before that, I was the only female, and I am now as well, and I am attached to a combat arms battalion. So I could not be more outnumbered by dudes. Like you, I get along better with males. The bad language, farting and burping, and sexual conversations don't phase me, but being married I try to stay out of the latter. You do have to have thick skin, they will test you. I would say the key is knowing your job. If you know your shit, and you show that, all the shit-talking will stop, and they will show you respect. If you don't try to get out of the hard work or the dirty work, they will respect you as well. They're going to hit on you, no matter what (at least some of them anyway) so be careful. I can't tell you how many rumors go around my company (attached to combat arms) about the few females. Just stay professional, keep your mind on learning your job, and work hard. You'll be fine Smiler

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