life as an 11b while deployed


and you curse POG's who sit around Bi-Op getting fat on Burger King and yellign "every on eis Infantry in Iraq"

If you are lucky you can see the AFN recap of all the USO shows that play to the Air Force and Admin guys but never visit the actual war fighters.

Then after all that you overhear the commo guy who never leaves the FOB talking about the 2.5 bonus he got and how is xbox acts up when he has it online near his air conditioner.

Unless you are at a COP then you jsut sit round waiting to get shot at.

I do love the Infantry though!
I am currently deployed in Afghanistan and it varies day to day. I am form a light infantry company, but when we got to KAF we became mechanized due to having MRAPs and MATVs. There are times when nothing is done except for tower or TOC guard shift. Other times we are running two missions a day for weeks on end. Missions vary from mounted and dismounted patrols, TCPs and route clearance, to EOD escorts and detainee transfer. Duties change all of the time one day youll be a dismount machinegunner the enxt vehicle driver or gunner. Or you will do one for a solid week and something else totally different the next. Specialized equipment is a challenege to master since it is always rotated are needs to get filled. Basically you'll be a jack of all trades master of nothing.
We tell Pogs to "Go F#@% themselves", unless your in the mighty 1st Cav. In Cav we get the CAV cock. I was in a heavy Infantry Co, which suxs. My PLT got moved to a tank co, split up, and scattered to what ever sh!t detail needed to be done. I was "attached" to the PSD for 5 months, which meant I worked for them, but no one worked for me, which also meant I was a SSG with no Joes for 5 months. That's great for your NCOER. I left Iraq a few weeks ago, so the Tank Co. didn't need me anymore so I went back to the Infantry Co., but since the Squad LDR positions are full, I work in the TOC at night.
PSD would have been ok cause we were told (thru Facebook)that we where going to be home by Jan 15. April fools must have come early this year, cause after the whole brigade made plans with there family's, we were told just kiddin get back to work. I didnt care to much, the money is nice, but my 6 and 10 yr old daughters didn't think it was so funny. Belive it or not the Infantry is great, but Hood is a F#@%ing joke.
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We tell Pogs to "Go F#@% themselves"

I don't understand why a lot of combat arms MOSs have this pre-conceived idea that CS and CSS are not doing anything?

Don't you understand that everyone plays their part in our organization?

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