Living in Government Housing

Living on post has it's advantages as well as it's disadvantages. Here are SOME

Pros to living on post:
1. There is no need to pay the montly rent, because it's already paid.
2. There currently is no utility payments.
3. No deposit needed when leasing house/apartment.
4. You'll be able to sleep an extra 15 minutes compared to the Soldier who lives off post.
5. You'll be able to go home for lunch rather than eating at a on post food establishment or "lunch bagging it".

1. You must maintain your lawn or you will receive a notification from a housing manager.
2. Your expected to be one of the first personnels to show up for alert compared to others who live 50 miles from the post.
3. If you left something at your house you'll be expected to run and get it with in a split second.
4. You can see how much BAH you receive, but will also notice it's listed in allotments too.
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If you compare the housing off-post to the on-post housing, you're usually getting less than what you are paying for.

As is the case whether you rent or live in post-quarters, you'll always be loosing money. When you move out, you get nothing in return.

I bought a house when I arrived in Savannah in December 2004 (and left for Iraq 3 weeks later). I paid $124,000 for it. I am getting ready to sell this house for $152,000 to move 5 miles away into a brand new house.

After living off-post, the only place I would consider living on-post again would be the DC area.
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Let's not forget one con: Privitized housing. You receive BAH, but the whole thing goes for your "rent", which might be more than your neighbor's "rent".

And now some posts have made it so you pay your own gas and electric. It's a portion of your BAH, but if you go over the alloted baseline, the rest is out of pocket.

And because it's privatized, the contractor can set a lot of other rules, such as requiring a deposit for pets and such.

I'd rather live off post. And I actually come out ahead that way.
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"And now some posts have made it so you pay your own gas and electric. It's a portion of your BAH, but if you go over the alloted baseline, the rest is out of pocket."

But if you go below your baseline you get a refund.
Buying a house off post is probably the best way to come out ahead financially in the end.

If I live on post I don't get BAH. If I rent off post most of my BAH goes to rent. If I buy a house, I probably end up spending more than my BAH, but I get a lot of it back when I sell.

I bought a house outside of Ft. Riley 7 years ago. Right now I'm paying $850 a month for it, but I'm renting it for $1200.
I just recently moved on post and from my perspective, it's a move I should've made from the get go. I was using up all my BAH living off post, plus coming out of my pocket for utilities that flucuated depending on if we had company that month or not, and a number of other factors. I've got a bigger and better looking townhome on post than I had off post, and there are contracted folks that cut our grass for us! It doesn't get much better than that, plus with the ever rising price of gas, you bet that 5 minute drive to work beats the pants of that 30 minute drive. Buying a home and renting it out was always somewhere in the back of my mind, but I'm always afraid no one will rent it. Plus I want to by a home in a location of my choosing, not because that's where I'm stationed. The Army is like your parents, it'll only take care of you for about 20 years, than your on your own, lol. Living on post is a great way to save money if nothing else.
I have been saving over $400 per month living off post in Korea. The military pays (direct deposit to the owner) for rent and a flat rate of $600 for utilities goes to me. When it gets hot, we open the windows and use fans. When it gets cold we use sweaters or blankets. Sure, we could be more comfortable using the money given to us but it's really not that bad. When the weather gets too extreme we use our A/C and Heat. Like this past August when we got an A/C bill for $420.00. OUCH! How much more would it cost if we left the A/C running all day? Looks like that $600 figure was well thought of. Anyway, we leave for Germany soon and I have been told we'll have to live off-post. I have no idea what living off-post is like there but it was a finacial heaven for us here in Korea. Personally, I like the quiet we have around here and the Korean neighbors are very friendly. I also like the 4 mile bike commute each way. I have never been in better shape. I vote for living off-post.

NOTE: California mortgage almost $900 per month. Currently renting for $1,900 per month. Only 11 years left until paid off. SGT T makes good sense. Buy where you want to live, not where you're stationed. No regrets!!!
I did not agree with GMH's procedures in mandating that you give up your BAH and pay them "rent" based on rank. The houses on FT Gordon were horrible and even with construction going as fast as it can I was still paying GMH $1,000 a month to live in a on-post retro 1950s house that was below standards. People who lived in HUD government housing in the city were better off then we were. Not to mention the fact that the new Army is bringing some wanna be "thug" kids into the area. Kids who really need their <BLANK> beated are allowed to steal, rob, break into houses, threaten other servicemembers, destroy private property, etc. And these parents are given so many warnings that one wonders why the Army allows them to stay on post? GMH is a joke and the only thing I found out was I was paying 1,000 a month for someone to cut my grass every week. For lower enlisted living on post has some advantages but there seems to be more "cons" than pros here at this post.
If you gave me my BAH and let me live on post I would rather have just the BAH and live off post. In other words, you couldn't pay me enough to live on post.

One main reason: Soldiers, by and large (yes, I am making a broad generalization), are dirtbags. They live like crap, they leave crap in the lawns, there is always drama going on, their kids are unclean and misbehaved, and in general they are just terrible parents.

I hate living in apartment complexes with military people as it is, let alone a community dedicated to living with service members. When I bought my condo here in Sierra Vista, I made sure there were no other military owners in the area first. There are some on my street, but I rarely see them. You can tell which ones they are because they are farther down the street with unkempt lawns, toys in the yard, dirty barking dogs with bloody matted fur, and run-down vehicles with chrome wheels parked all over the place.

I hate to say it because I am military also (obviously), but I was sick of being treated like a dirtbag by every apartment complex because the previous military renters destroyed the place. This is probably because 18 year old kids who have never been taught fiscal responsibility and respect for others' property are now head of a family living on their own.
Wow, I thought I was the only one who felt that way. Korea is my first duty station so I have nothing to compare it to. My experience here has been great. On post my bike has been vandalized several times. Off post I have 2 expensive bikes I rarely lock up. Nothing has ever happend to them. Is that because there are no soldiers in my area? Or because Koreans has more respect for other peoples stuff? I don't know. From what I've read here, I would rather pay out-of-pocket to live off post in an area where there are no solders. 35M said it perfectly. There is just too much drama. I have an obligation to my family to make sure they are safe. The new army lowered the standard to let in more soldiers who would otherwise not be able to join. It sounds like some installations in the states are starting to feel the affects from this decision. I hope when I get to Germany I can find a living situation like I had here in Korea. I'll commute and hour if I have to.
I've lived off post and i've always ran into some kind of drama wether it be with the rental company or neighbors. i finally moved on post this year for the first time. the only problems i've had so far is the neighbors pet being let out of the house and climbing on my vehicle or sleeping in my driveway and the rolling subwoofers, which if you own one all i ask is that i dont hear it inside my house. if i got my tv on like 32-38 on the volume setting there is really no reason for me to hear your radio as you roll by my house heh. the only issue i have with the privatized housing allotment of BAH is that privates can live in the same house and pay less rent for the same stuff that senior enlisted have to pay more for? just dont make sense.
OHH Man i hated housing! I use to hear my neighbors doing all sort of things ....Walls are to thin and housing not worth it...I am Dual military ands ago for me and my husband both get partial BAH w/ no dependents.I moved on post about 2 years ago and hated it i lived there 7 months and was ready to get out. People are nosy on post and everyone is in your buisness and when somone is needed for cq or they need someone for a detail on a weekend th e first person they choose is you..BECAUSE YOU LIVE ON POST!..... GMH also states that me and my husband have to both give up our BAH because we are Dual military...Is that fair? they sai 2 e-4s with 4 years in make too much...??? Have they looked at the pay chart lately..and in Va Beach that pay is nothing! Ok now what i dont get is why would there be a problem if we have dual income coming in when others have both spouses working too.. Aint that dual why are we the exception? WE'D RATHER KEEP OUR BAH AND MOVE OFF POST....WAYYYYYY WORTH IT AND MORE PRIVATE FOR US..Its already hard enough being dual military and keeping military out your personal life and military personnel...Smiler
They ran an article here in the Signal paper about an E-5 that has 7 kids and 2 houses that have been converted to one on post here at Fort Gordon. The guy said in the article "were else could I have 7 kids making this much money and have a huge house". Those are the kind of people that I think abuse the system.

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