Looking for up to date info on DS school


Not sure if you're already at the academy yet or not. But I figured since I graduated in March I would share some info.

Duty hours are not bad at all. There are days that you wake up earlier than usual, but other than that, it's like your normal duty day with PT. They just find a way to cram everything into it. The first week you get off a little later than usual and then you study so it seems you have no time at all. But then it gets easier as you go, some days you're off by 1500.

To prep for the course, learn the top 3 modules that you can find by a Google search, using the like TheWiseChief provided, or buying the little green covered book from a store. Knowing the commands and exercises for PRT is helpful, especially the preparation drill.

As far as helpful stuff goes, just be mentally ready. It's not exactly a gentlemen's course by any means. Even though there are E-7s that come through the academy the instructors are mostly E-6s. They of course show the proper respect, but you'll still address them as Drill Sergeant and they have no problems jumping down throats if things get out of line. It is very student leadership led, but the Drills are still there to pull the strings if need be. You won't learn "how" to become a drill sergeant while you're there per se' but you'll have a good foundation for when you get to your unit.

The POI is kinda like you're going through basic. You'll do almost everything your trainees will do one day. You'll march, do PT everyday, you'll zero and qual, do foot marches, Victory Tower, obstacle courses, field training, etc. Some classes do the night infiltration course, however, none have thrown grenades that I have heard of. And nothing over night. They try to mirror the order of events that the BCTs go through, though that not always is feasible.

But again, best advice is to be mentally prepared and study if you need to. The more modules you know or are familiar with going in the better you'll do.

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