Lotus Forms are junk

Every time I open a form (just recently) I get some error message that is complete gibberish and says the file can't be found and it installs two or three subfolders into that directory where the file has been opened from, named also gibberish in japanese characters.

Anyone else having a similar problem or had this problem in the past?
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Here is part of the error that you can actually read (this comes up after two pop up windows with complete gibberish go away):

Sat Jul 09 21:11:07 2011 0 Viewer : The system cannot find the file specified.
at MUCreateDir(\build\API.Cypress.Fixpack\Api\src\masqutil\masqutil.c:10509 Thu Jun 24 13:00:50 2010):5656:64 -> 2

at MUCreateAllDirs(\build\API.Cypress.Fixpack\Api\src\masqutil\masqutil.c:10622 Thu Jun 24 13:00:50 2010):5656:32 -> -1
I have the same problem on my NGB work Laptop, I am an administrator with hieghtened computer privileges so i can do the fixes they suggested. Uninstall Lotus Viewer and go to C:\Program Files (x86) and delete all IBM Lotus Viewer files associated with it. Remove any forms you have on your computer NCOER's, Hand reciepts etc.... Put them on a thumbdrive or if its a Gov computer put them on a share server or CD. Now the Windows remove programs and features wouldnt uninstall Lotus Viewer so I had to use a different uninstaller called Revo or you can use IOBIT Uninstaller. The uninstaller has to do a registry search after uninstall and remove registry files associated with it. After you think you have removed anything IBM Lotus, PureEdge, or other viewers that may hide the files causing the popups, reboot computer and download Lotus Viewer 4. You can find this on Lotus 4 at: https://chess.army.mil/CMS/A/sw_DWNLD
You may have to create an account but its worth it, there are some good downloads there.
Installer viewer 4 and see if it opens without popups. If the popups are still there then you will have to format your computer and reload OS.
Good Luck, SFC D_Dawg

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