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I had a Soldier ask me a question the other day, and I'm not sure of how to answer.

I know anyone can counsel anyone...it's really just a record of a conversation.

Soldier recently PCSed to a new unit. It's been a couple of months and the Soldier has not received integration counseling and does not feel like he is receiving adequate support. Can he (and I think the better question is would it be appropriate) for him to "counsel" his team leader on what his uniques issues/situation is and what he needs/expects as a member of the team?

It's a novel approach, but I'm not sure how well received it would be.

This is a Soldier who used to be in my squad in a previous unit, so I think it says something about how well he's being integrated that he's contacting me for help in his new unit, but I obviously don't know all the details, and don't want to tell him the wrong thing.
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Indeed this is a novel approach, however it is for the leader to train, mentor and guide the subordinate. The original post actually touches on a wider problem that I'm seeing more and more that is just sad. I have always had integration counseling and then monthly couselings when I was a joe. When I was promoted to SGT I continued this trend and regularly counseled my Soldiers. It is not that hard to take some time during the day to write out some feedback to your Soldiers on how well they're doing and whether or not they are in fact meeting your standards. This Soldier's NCO has no right to complain when his Soldiers do not perform to standard.
Warcrimes hit it on the head. You don't mentor higher ranks, but if you are in a staff position for example, the schools nco, you might counsel company level schools ncos that are lower rank on your expectations that they meet suspenses, review packets, this or that...

but not for direct career progression

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