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I just enlisted back in the Reserves after a 6yr brake in service. I got to keep my E-5, however, my date of rank changed to the day I re-joined. I do not have WLC yet and I was wondering how fast can i get to E-6.
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I understand that I can read the regs and I don't mean to sound ignorant.. I just figured since i have been out, there as been so many different changes on promotions that all the regs have not been 100% updated. Not trying to degrade anything. Just a simple question thats all.
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Just a simple question thats all.

Search regulations for "enlisted promotions" and you will find what you need. You should know where to find the answer to this one, because as a SGT or SSG some Soldier will ask you, "When can I get promoted?" and you will need to know how to find the answer without asking anonymous weirdoes on the intertubez...
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I have to agree. This is a community forum but you have to get in the habbit of finding information in regulations. Don't even think about SSG until you graduate WLC. And don't degrade the NCO corp by using pay grade. You are a SGT, not an E5

I'm an E-5. If you think saying E-5 instead of SGT makes a difference then you value your stripes too much.
@Eyesinthesky - Agreed. I notice a lot on this forum that people are quick to put others down rather than help others out. Without talking down to this guy, they could have simply supplied him with a good answer. Instead, they put him down and make themselves sound immature soldiers themselves.
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It is funny to note that the best answer to a NCO promotion question came from a warrant. "Look it up here and this is why you need to know how." +1

Thanks, I'll be here all week. Big Grin

And I was an NCO twice as long as I've been a WO, which also happens to be how long I was "junior enlisted"....

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