Me and my fiance planning to marry during his 25 days leave, his basic was at Ft Wood, he's in airborne school, GA now so I don't know if he has to submit orders change paper at where his orders made which is Ft Wood or his duty station? He's gonna be stationed in AK. How long does it take to change his orders and add me on his orders?I know someone was able to marry and finish all the processes during leave and she got to move with him to his duty station. And do they still provide you housing when your soldier get deployed? Thanks in advanced for all the answers
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Congrats!! I am happy for you.

I do not know how long it will take to get you added to his orders if that is even possible, but he can get you added as a dependant as soon as you get a marriage certificate. Bring your marriage certificate, Social Security card, ID Card, and Birth Certificate as well as Naturalization or I551 card if you are not a citizen with you to your nearest Military post with a DEERS office. And then have your Husband check with finance to ensure that he will be getting the pay needed to care for you as his spouse.

I am sure that he would have to report to his unit first so they can arrange the proper housing for you, but since you know where he is going, he can call housing at that post and get put on the waiting list ahead of time, but if you plan to live off post, then when he arrives at the duty station he can spend 10 days looking for an off post home.

Hope that answers a few concerns for you,
good luck, and congrats!
I'm pretty sure Alaska is considered an overseas tour. I know Hawaii was.

If that's the case you will need command sponsorship before you will be able to PCS to your husbands location. The first thing you will need is to be enrolled in DEERS. That's as simple as showing up to an Army installation with your marriage certificate. If he is coming home from leave and leaving from there straight to Alaska, chances are he won't be able to do this prior to arriving at his unit. You will also have to do an EFMP screening and probably some other stuff and then it has to be signed off by your soon to be husband's commander. He will be briefed when he arrives on everything he needs to take care of. Google DEERS enrollment and Exceptional Family Member Program for more info.

You can go up there with him, but the Army will not pay for it unless you are on his orders. Better to be patient and allow the Army to get you in the system and have them pay for everything. It took about three weeks from the day I first stepped foot on Hawaii until my wife arrived. Worth the wait to have someone else pay for it.

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