Mechanic job skill courses?

I have not been working in my MOS basically since I came in. I am now in a duty position to do my job and would like a refresher course in basic mechanic skills. Does such a course exist? I have requested to go to Hotel 8 so I can at least be proficient in Recovery. Any other suggestions?
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Originally posted by SGT Smitty:
Jump in there and get your hands dirty with the soldiers.

Don't be too proud to take lessons from soldiers you may outrank.

Bury your nose in TMs.

<-- Fellow 91 series

I have asked many times for this opportunity and there are two very incredibly talented SPC, one who already has his ASE certification, and they moved him to S&R. They have me in charge of AOAP, Benchstock, and now Fire Safety. Any time I am trying to help with a repair, to learn, I get pulled to go get someone a part or I am running around trying to get samples. Right now I am in a Team Leader Course, so not even in the motorpool. Trust me, I have no qualms with asking someone who I outrank to show me how to do something. I even offered to let one of the SPC take my CPL spot but they wouldn't let me. They are putting me in charge of Unscheduled Maintenance now too as well so hopefully I can learn through that. I have gotten to do a few repairs so far, and a lot of services, so I am slowly learning, but it seems like I'm always being pulled off of it to do something else. It's frustrating.

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