I just was wondering if you guys had any input. I had a training accident about a year ago that broke both wrists, and I have never been able to come back. I enlisted as a 11B. I got my unfit and am currently waiting on ratings.

My question is, I plan on attending Law School as soon as I get released; is there any possibility of the Army allowing me to rejoin as a JAG Officer after going through the MEB Process?
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JAG commissions are direct commissions and you will need to talk to the recruiting rep about it. Since you are prior service, you will have to go through the MEPS process to be found medically qualified but if you were discharged on a medical than re-entry most likely will have its challenges.

But that is many years down the road. JAG commissions are offered to lawyers who have already pass the bar in their respective state.

Good luck with college and then law school.

FWIW my station as a Recruiter had a very similar case to yours, but it WAS in 2007 (might as well be a different Army). Had a former National Guard Soldier with a back injury come back on board as a JAG officer. Keep in mind the year it happened. The situations you have to understand are case by case.

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