meps measurements for females

a. Neck. Measure the neck circumference at a point just below the larynx (Adam’s apple) and perpendicular to the
long axis of the neck. Do not place the tape measure over the Adam’s apple. Soldier will look straight ahead during
measurement, with shoulders down (not hunched). The tape will be as close to horizontal as anatomically feasible (the
tape line in the front of the neck will be at the same height as the tape line in the back of the neck). Care will be taken
so as not to involve the shoulder/neck muscles (trapezius) in the measurement. Round neck measurement up to the
nearest 1⁄2 inch and record (for example, round 161⁄4 inches to 161⁄2 inches

I know females dont have an adams apple but the measurement standards are the same according to AR 600-9.

b. Waist. Measure the natural waist circumference, against the skin, at the point of minimal abdominal circumference.
The waist circumference is taken at the narrowest point of the abdomen, usually about halfway between the navel
and the end of the sternum (breast bone). When this site is not easily observed, take several measurements at probable
sites and record the smallest value. The Soldier’s arms must be at the sides. Take measurements at the end of Soldier’s
normal relaxed exhalation. Tape measurements of the waist will be made directly against the skin. Round the natural
waist measurement down to the nearest 1⁄2 inch and record (for example, round 285⁄8 inches to 281⁄2 inches).

c. Hip. The Soldier taking the measurement will view the person being measured from the side. Place the tape
around the hips so that it passes over the greatest protrusion of the gluteal muscles (buttocks) keeping the tape in a
horizontal plane (parallel to the floor). Check front to back and side to side to be sure the tape is level to the floor on
all sides before the measurements are recorded. Because the Soldier will be wearing gym shorts, the tape can be drawn
snugly to minimize the influence of the shorts on the size of the measurement. Round the hip measurement down to the
nearest 1⁄2 inch and record (for example, round 443⁄8 inches to 44 inches).

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