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I successfully completed WOCS, so I am now a WO1. I am an all-source intelligence analyst (future 350F upon completing WOBC).

I am not currently assigned to a traditional MI unit and do not know very many 350F warrant officers that have recently gone through WOBC.

So, have some questions:
1. How proficient do you need to be on ArcGIS or MFWS? My unit's facility is currently being relocated, so I don't have access to ArcGIS or MFWS

2. Is there a paper required, if so what type and what are the parameters?

For example, at MI SLC we had to write a paper on the Horn of Africa that focused on three of five categories. In addition, there was paper that we wrote a battle in history.

In 35F ALC, we had to write a country assessment paper cover three of five categories in the RUBRIC.

3. Is there a threat group briefing or another graded briefing that we give?


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