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I will make this short. I am in the Army Reserves, recently made the eligibility list for E7. Currently my promotion radius is set to 50 miles by default. There are no units within 50 miles for my MOS. The closest is almost 200 miles. I have asked my S1 and a few other individuals on how increase my mileage.

No one knows, and S1 is researching the issues and jammed pack with other issues like every other S1.

What form must I use or who must I call to increase my mileage radius for promotion?

Thanks in Advance.

God Bless America
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When I was in the Guard from 98-03, I use to drive 70 miles for drill and never dealt with anything about a mileage radius. My first unit was 10 minutes from my house and when I reclassed to a different MOS, then I had to drive 75 miles to that unit.

If you wanted the promotion, you will have to go where it was in the state, even if it was very far.

I was told to keep toll and gas receipts for itemizing on my tax returns.

I will call your state local JAG for details.

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