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SUBJECT: Military Evaluation Timeliness

Personnel Leaders and Human Resource Managers,

The Army is on a campaign to improve timeliness of military evaluations. This is a status report after the first 5 months of commander emphasis.

The Army has seen an increase in timeliness and acknowledges that improvements are still being offset by the submission of older reports which eliminate missing or very late evaluations. US Army Human Resources Command (HRC) OER timeliness data indicates that January 2006 percentages compared to June 2006 show an increased as follows: Active - 85% to 93%, USAR - 49% to 71%, and ARNG - 33% to 41%. Active Component NCOER timeliness percentages for similar time period are 82.5% to 84.6%.

A variety of online management reports are available for your use. While many reports identify only late submissions, there are several which can help you anticipate “next” evaluations and individuals missing reports entirely. Most reports compile information by Major Command and drill down through Personnel Service Battalion or Brigade Combat Team to individuals. We are working to adapt these reports to the Army Command Structure and to co-locate three components’ web-based applications to make access easier for you. The AKO “My Forms” Portal is now available to units and will help eliminate or overcome some administrative obstacles. Evaluation forms, with digital signatures using the CAC, may be routed between rating officials. By the end of the summer, the forms will move rating official’s content from support forms to evaluations making counseling time more effective and will allow for automatic electronic submission to HQDA reducing time in transit between headquarters. T

I ask for your continued support to your Commander’s work in managing unit evaluation systems. This reduces lateness in all reports and ensures leader development (through counseling) and effective assessments (through completed reports). It takes quality leadership to counsel and to provide our Soldiers an effective military evaluation system. The Army’s ability to select the right people and develop all leaders depends on that task.

Reuben D. Jones
Colonel, AG
The Adjutant General
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