Has anybody received one of these. If so can I see the the achievemnet statements from the 638. I'm kinda curious how some of the statements are written. Also where all four achievements filled in on the 638?
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I received that medal when I was in the Marine Corps, for several years I had worked with the Toys for Tots program and other events with the public. I'll see if I can look up the award citation. I would think that all 4 events or achievements would be cited in the 638.
The MOVSM cannot be awarded for a single event. The award is written up on DA 638 and requires an O5 or above approval. The achievements must be of a sustained and direct nature (over a period of time) be to the civilian and military community, and not in conjunction with normal duties.

AR 600-8-22 para 2-23.

You will not receive a certificate as none exists. It is a service medal so the approved 638 is needed for you to add to your ERB but cannot be filed in your OMPF because it is not a downgraded award. I commend you on giving back to the community.
I was awarded this and I still have my 638 if you would like...I could email you a copy of it on digits or at least the bullets, and how everything was put in.

As Martyaa mentioned there is no certificate for this, but you just need the 638 to add to your ERB.

I'm on AKO, so let me know if you would like that emailed to you
I am looking for a DA 638 that was done for the MOVSM. I need to fill in the Proposed Citation block and just to see how the Achievement blocks had been done. Any help would be great. My ako address is joseph.j.phillips1@us.army.mil
I am in the process of writing up 2 soldiers for this award and if anyone has any example bullets or citations that may help it would be a great help my email is gregory.zemke@us.army.mil
I have three Joes who have been doing great work I wish I put them in for this award. Can someone please help me with the bullets and such? I understand the events listed can't be taskings/details/voluntold items. There is no hour stipulation as well. My Chain of Command has told me I will probaly have to provide contact info of someone who can certify the hours/days spent as well depicting the events but outside of that I'm lost. Please forward any info you have to christopher.lee.kratzner@us.army.mil
How do you go about getting one of these awards? Do you just volunteer your time, at various events up to a certain amount of hours? BTW, I don't want to sound like I'm just saying this to get an extra ribbon on my Class A's. It would be nice to be rewarded for helping a community etc.
Hello all. I'm trying to write a 638 but really suck at writing bullets. If anyone has a sample of one written for this I would greatly appreciate it. I just need to have a general idea of how to write this up. BTW its for one of my soldiers. My email is DavidR213@gmail.com or david.ramirez10@us.army.mil.
I have sent information via my AKO account to those who provided email addresses. I've been working the MOVSM program in various commands for the past seven years. Most of the MOVSMs I've forwarded for command approval are from volunteers who work within either the Boy or Girl Scouting programs, but you can use the 638 to justify a wider variety of programs.

I received a MOVSM award for volunteer work as a firefighter. Those of you who have listed your e-mails, I have sent you a reply as well.
Thompson25V can you send me what you have for the Volunteer Firefighter? It would be a great help thank you. I would take any examples of 638s for this award.

If anybody needs the DA 638, i can send it, but here is what the bullets look like.

SPC A*** volunteered 88 hours of service to Fort Bliss and the local community. His involvement with the community's youth promoted a positive image of soldiers being viewed as role models. SPC A**** also dedicated 12 hours to the city of El Paso through the Fort Bliss Sergeant Audie Murphy Club such as the annual Trot For Tots. This event collected money for underprivileged children of El Paso.

SPC A**** dedicated 76 hours to the students of ****** Elementary School, participating in pep rallies, judging contests, and landscaping the school's atrium. He also decorated for a halloween haunted house at the school. This shows the El Paso community that Fort Bliss cares about the students and their success, while still being able to have fun. Teachers, parents, and school administrators expressed their gratitude for his work and mentorship.

***Proposed Citation***

For outstanding achievement while selflessly devoting 164 hours of volunteer service to local community schools and organizations. Specialist A*****'s efforts enhanced the army's self image in the local community. His outstanding performance reflects great credit upon him, the steel battalion, 5th bde combat team, 1st armored division, and the united states army.

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