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Are there any E4 medics out there, who are as frustrated with grappling for points like I am? Dumb question, I know. This is me venting. I am getting hung up with needing the points from resident courses. I pretty much can only get into Unit Armorer and Field Sanitation here. PRMC won't let us go to HAZMAT unless we are an E5. What the hell else can I possibly pick up. 6 years in the military and the only military ed I have is BCT3.... I also have an issue with getting awards. I put myself out there all the time and get a lot of "do this and I'll submit you for an award" crap that never pans out. Holy Crap. Why is it I bust my ass and I watch sh*t heads pass me up? Another thing that chaps my arse is that I spent a large majority of my time at my last duty station in the field and under really horrible leadership. Now I have really good leadership, but crappy opportunities. Anybody got any angles for me?
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OK, here's where the problem lies. Correspondance Courses are one thing. The resident courses are the issue. Working here at Tripler doesn't really afford for us to go to many 40hr classes. I have the options of Unit Armorer, Field San, Ammo Handler(which doesn't count for points), and that is pretty much it. I have not been to a board yet. I also am in line for WLC. The thing that is killing me on points is the military ed and having 0 deployments. I think it's crappy that we are limited with the courses. Like I said, they won't let E4s go to the HAZMAT course here. I was supposed to go to Unit Armorer and Field San back in August and the ball got dropped.I'm pretty much looking at only making around 530 points (which includes some what ifs like Commadant's list for WLC). It's beginning to look like either RCP and the Reserves or Reclass are going to be my options.
Negative, I am an E4. I spent almost the first 3.5 years of my military career dealing with really crappy leadership. I spent a lot of time and effort in becoming the go-to guy for almost everything. I was a senior medic. I heard a lot of promises about CPL stripes, Driver's Badge, blah bla blah... My company cancelled my board appearance once and my WLC slot twice, because I was PCSing withing 6 months. I was told that they wanted to spend those slots on people who were going to be there and "it'll be alright, you can do it at your next unit". I went through 5 NCOICs and 2 or so PAs. The bulk of us kept trying to do various schools like Field Sanitation, PALS, ACLS, ect... most of the time we were denied because we were "so heavily tasked". We had just stood up, so we spent the first 2 years trying to get ready for deployments. We were in the field almost all of 2012, supporting 4/4 in the field and JRTC. We spent almost 3 months in Wyoming, building a crappy dirt runway for the Air National Guard. We sent 3 of our medics to Bahrain for a year, I watch 2 of them(E-4 and E-3) come back and get their E5. I just drove on, kept working on college credits and trying to excel at my job.
We cut two guys out of an overturned water rig in Wyoming, got ARCOMs submitted for two of us, which promptly got denied by our BC, with no explanation. When I left, I received an AAM as a PCS award because my NCOIC didn't submit an ARCOM on time, even though he knew almost a year prior when I was going to leave. My Company Commander apologized to me as her pinned the AAM on, telling me that he was sorry that that was all they could give me because someone didn't do the right thing. The best medical training that I recieved was at JRTC while sharing an Aid Station with the 3-61 CAV medics. I also got to tag along with them to BCT3 class. I love FT Carson, but my time there was wasted. I've got plans and back up plans. I love being in the Army, and I hope I can manage to stay in. I was placed on the CLI, but that doesn't do me any good. Oh well, I'll just keep on keepin' on.
I feel you brotha, WLC is little harder then normal to get a slot for since there are so many NCO's that came back from a deployment who got promoted over there and will be taking priority over you, also dont forget the guys who already made there board appearance. They are also front loaded too. I mean I was considering to Reclass to the medical field myself but only want E4 non promotable. That seems to day promotion are are harder to come by in your field.

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