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Made the 1Feb14 by name and cut off score to E5. Informed my S1, S2 orderly room etc. Signed out on PCS leave on 30Jan14, No orders or change to Mypay status by 15FEB (mind you don't have AKO access in my home) My pcs is dependent restricted so I dropped them off from FT Campbell to Houston TX. Called my reporting NCOIC Ft Bliss who contacted personnell at Fort campbell only to receive an email stating that I should call 1st SGT. Called 1st SGT on 22 after trying to not "jump" the chain but wasn't getting anywhere. He seemed to work with me but Haven't heard back.. yet. My question is am I fu***d? I have all my paperwork SSD1, WLC all awards and certs. What gives? I know that a 1st sgt is extremely busy but should I use open door policy or what? oh yeah and recently checked my PPW and there was a new updated one with all my points and awards but with a "not recommended" status? anwyays don't know who to ask or what to do so please if anyone has input. I've been going over AR 600-8-19 would this qualify as an Exception to Policy? from what I can gather I was probably audited but I've had no email,phone social media even from any of my NCO's about
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I was on the by name list and about the board proceeding I can get a copy by tomorrow.

The thing is I am in a CRC until I go to Egypt. I told that my losing unit has control over personnel issues ie: promotions until I get to Egypt even then they can't really do anything about it supposedly
If you're on the by-name list then you should be fine. Even if your losing unit does not have access to your records in EDAS or Emilpo, they should still publish orders for promotion. It is a memorandum signed by your Brigade level S1 OIC or technician with a stamp (a copy will suffice). They owe you that, so stay on them for it. Once you have that in hand you'll be fine and you can get anyone within your chain that has access to promote you in the system can use it to do so.

From experience, I had something similar happen to me and I learned after 90 days if you have not been promoted then HRC is the only organization with power to promote you.

At any rate just get your promotion orders.

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