Mobile Retention Training - eMilpo Code

If you've attended the Mobile Retention Team Training (normally one week at your installation), you can now add the course to your Enlisted Record Brief (ERB).

The code is: MRT

Simply bring a copy of the certificate to your PSB and they can now add it.
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Yupper, it says Army Retention Course. It also says that I took the Fuel and Energy Management Course...I guess that was their way of saying "Fuel Handlers Course".

That means that I would have attended the Retention Course while in the DEP.

So, if it is on my ERB, I can wear the CC Badge right?? Smiler
Thanks for this info. I updated my ERB to say MRT instead of looking like I went Army Retention Course.

Thanks for the tip.

I also learned that there is some new area or new wording for the area that lists overseas assignments and combat tours. I think that it previously just said Overseas Assignments, now it is both. Anyway, got that fixed also.
Yeah, the new blocks in the top right-hand corner are much better.

Dwell Time (the time in between deployments) was added to show just how long Soldiers have been shamming back in the states. It's automatically defaulted to reflect your BASD, but will change automatically once you update an overseas tour.
Ok so how do i get my certificate for the course if the MRT trainers did not provide one? They did say they would provide a copy to our headquarters which I did not like but had no choice but to leave the training without the certificate. And go figure, it was never turned in, as expected. Is there a way I can get this cerificate so I can add it to my ERB? I am the retention NCO for my unit now and I'm looking at putting a packet for 79R in. I think this would help my chances of being selected over others without the MRT course.

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