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Does anyone have an example memorandum for the wear of morale patches(Patch worn by Aviation personnel on the top of their left shoulder sleeve, usually with their Aviation Badge embroidered on it)? I can't seem to find a good example online. Thanks
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Army Aviation units (including ours) wear them all the time while deployed. It's generally a regtanuglar patch worn on the top pocket flap on the left shoulder pocket that has an image of the Aviator/Aviation badge on it with the Soldier's name.

Huh.! I guess because we were wearing ISAF there I've never seen that. I'll have to ask around, I'm in a Combat Aviation BDE now.
I am here in Afghanistan and on my FOB we have the 82nd CAB with us. I have never seen so many damn warrants in my life lol and seen their patches on their uniforms and the other day saw one soldier getting it ironed on (with the velcro) at the haji laundry shop. I ask one tomorrow when I see them at the DFAC. Keep this thread open.

I didnt' realize how many there were until we went down to FTX near Bliss. We got the TOCs and comms setup, then finally the choppers flew in. (that was amazing btw- to see even 3-5 in formation is cool, imagine 10+)

The next days at the DFAC there were BAZILLIONS of Warrant Officers there... I hadn't seen that many since leaving Ft Rucker.
Funny when you finally looking for someone with a patch on; it does not happen today. I did see one but he walked by so fast. I was not going to run to stop him.

I was told by a UAV Warrant today that it is approved by the Commander for wear because he knew when he was in Iraq, a unit he was with were not allowed to wear theirs.

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