MOS 15S,T&U Questions.

My backround:
About to finish a 12 month out in AFG, yes now they're switching to 9 month deployments for AVN, not sure when that happened, but happened within last year some time, been a UH-60 Crew Chief for the past five and a half years.

Ok just some info for you, if you're still interested:

1. Getting to a flight slot varies depending on where you go and what unit you are assigned to. There's several routes for 15-T's to go, but it is by no means guranteed that you'll get it. If it is something that interests you you'll need to set yourself higher than your peers, but most of all just get lucky.

2. My experience is almost soley flight so sorry if it's biased, its about all I know, but as far as work hours, well it varies. For deployed be prepared to work. I can ensure you that very few people have anywhere near an understanding of what it is like to work as deployed flight company soldier, 60 or 47. I can tell you, that besides 24 hour reset time periods, of which we only get to go from a night mission ending somewhere in the area of 8-9 am, and not counting EML, that I've only had 5 days the past 10 months. If you like staying busy then maybe that wont be a issue for you.

3. If you are interested in going flights I can tell you that getting Korea is not a bad gig, only because they fast track a lot there because people dont stay as long. Dont know if that's the case or not still, but it was about 6 years ago. If you're not interested in flights and just want to be a mechanic you should have no issues wherever you go. Flights is a option, not mandatory by any means, and as far as most avation jobs go you actually get to do your job and arent just trained by the army to do something and then never get to do your job, i guess some soldiers have problems like that, we dont it seems.

If you have any other questions just let me know and I'll try and help you out.
Didn't really go through all the posts, but I'm a 15J and recently a 15S Line Troop PSG, currently reclassing to 15E. PM or email me any questions you may have if you didn't get them. If you have your A & P already, your 20 steps ahead of your future peers. And will set you up for a job with Rolls Royce after your service.

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