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I am joining the Army Reserves as a PSYOPS specialist [37F?]. My goal is to be a counterintelligence agent [97B] (requires feeder MOS). My recruiter tells me that I can change my MOS easily after being in for a year or so, and I find that hard to believe.

Also, I am going in as an E4 because I have a bachelor's degree. If I decide that I would like to attend OCS after a year in, will I face many difficulties?

Thanks for the help!
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I'm not sure if the rules specifically change from AD to reserves, but I know in active duty< 97B isn't a "Feeder MOS". And besides, 97B was changed to 35L about a year ago, so it seems your recruiter is referencing old material?

I'd double check some of that info if I were you. I'm pretty sure you can come in as a 35L in the reserves.

And re-upping for that MOS from psyops will probably require a reenlistment, depending on your command, so don't expect it to happen in the first year.
NO you can NOT just change jobs whenever you want.

In the Active Duty side you could change when it's re-enlistment time IF they have openings for you and IF they don't desperately need you to stay in your current job.

Reserves is more complicated- you have to find a unit that has the job you want and yada yada..

As far as OCS, you will have to apply and get accepted. There was another thread today that CLAIMED there are around 600applicants every year for 200slots, but that sounds kind of low to me- on both numbers.
(I applied in 2001 but had little/no Army experience, an Associates degree, and my interview didn't go well. DIDN'T get accepted.)

The good part is if you complete AIT and start working in your job (enlisted) THEN go OCS, I BELIEVE you keep your bonuses and college money etc...

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