Mos Q for leadership position?

The 1SG does not have to be the MOS Q for a company,an 11B or 68W can lead a company, regardless of the makeup. A 11B or 68W can not be a PSG, SL or TL, unless it is an infantry company for the 11's and a medical company for the 68W

Would like some help with this as I know about the 1SG, but the other part would like to do more research and need some direction thanks in advance
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Originally posted by 68W Do No Harm:
Unit is TDA not TOE and it is a medical unit

They are the same thing except one is deployable (MTOE) and the other is not. Yes, personnel in medical TDA units can be PROFISed but the unit will not go forward.

My point was for you to look at the authorizations and you can see what position is supposed to be filled by what grade position and MOS. Each slot has a designated fill for it; so that 1SG position is coded. So your unit's 1SG TDA code will be 11B5M or 68W5M (since you stated medical TDA then that is obviously 68 series. You can find that information on FMSweb or going to your BN S1 for a print out. Most likely some senior leader in your section already has a hard copy of it.

Also, your MOS Q statement is confusing. MOS Q means MOS Qualified in which a senior NCO is obviously one. I have seen E7s in 1SG positions and some were promotable and some were not. The ones that were promotable were usually frocked before the sequence number for E8 came up and then they attended the 1SG course.

But perhaps, you meant to say that the 11B is supposed to reclass to 68 series (I wonder what rank he is now) or someone that is slotted in a MOS that he/she does not have. I do not know. It was not clear. But remember, there is the Command Sergeant Major that has the power to move personnel and place senior NCOs in key leader positions. When I usually hear someone is not MOS Q is because they have not yet graduated from AIT and an IET soldier.

As a former Marine, the Army's senior NCO ranks paths differ. Infantry, MP, Engineer Companies 1SG slots are the same MOS as the company. In the Marine Corps and you are an E7 career service member and you are a cook, you can pick the 1SGT or SGTMAJ route (line) or the MSGT or Master Gunnery Sergeant (Staff/Operations) route. So you can be a cook E7 and decide to go the 1SG/SGM route and then end up being a 1SG for an infantry company. Based on every Marine is a rifleman.

I would research the facts first before making assumptions but if it is above your pay grade, I would just drive on. From the look on your previous posts (triple stack reference), it appears you are in the National Guard which I know is a different animal than the Regular Army. I am curious as to why you are concerned about the "1SG".

I was Guard for 8 years so I have some knowledge on it.
Yes thanks for the information and yes would like to have some reference before going to senior NCO's or BN S1. They are not always receptive to change and some feel threatened or challenged. I need the information if I am going to assume the responsibility of a higher position

Sorry about the confusion, read somewhere that a 1SG is a army generalized position based on his knowledge and experience etc and he or she can be in charge of units such as 68's without holding that series that is why I compared 11's to 68's, again all this is from memory. I have recently been moving up in position and now I want to know why we do things the way we do and not just keep doing it that way because we always have always done it that way.

We had a prior APFT and rushed it, we corrected it and now every soldier knows exactly how much time (10min) is needed from the last person to the start of the next tasks. Soldiers need to see the regulations in a different light and from this learning experience they might

(True RA and NG are different animals and I feel we could benefit from more RA doing MBWA (management by walk around) with NG the only time we get together seems to be here and it is a resource for me Triple stack is still in and was promoted)

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