Can anyone tell me if the 19D series MOS being phased out or replaced by another designator? Thanks.
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If anything the Army is looking to finish filling the 19D strength levels. It was so bad in 1998 that they were beggin 19Kilos to Reclass to 19D. That is what I did and ended up in the new medium weight brigade at Fort Lewis. My old pals (I left the unit) are currently somewhere on the Syrian Border in Iraq pounding sand in those stupid little "Strykers" the army developed to get rid of the Bradleys......

Drill Sgt LaHue.
I am going to MEPS again in a few days to pick a MOS and take a physical, can anyone tell me how hard (if it's hard at all) to get into that job, my line scores were good, and I have no d/q marks to put a stop on it. thanks.
Not to my knowledge. I am a 19D, have been for 7.5 years and nobody in my unit is talking about us being phased out or designated. We have been told that with the new Units of Action that there will be a need for more 19D's.
I just completed 19K OSUT on Oct. 1st, 2004. I did my first phase a year ago, because I am an SMP ROTC/ARNG soldier. Anyway, we spent two/six days on the tanks, and the rest we spent at a MOUT site with paintball guns clearing buildings and taking cities. We were told that we were one of the last 19K classes, and one of the first to do the type of training we did. Our commander informed us that soon 19K and 19D will be combined to a single 19-series MOS for a 22-week course that involves no Bradley, training on the Stryker, M1A2, and the HMMWV as well as all other basic scout/tanker tasks. This has been confirmed by my ARNG commander, as our unit is deployed as 11B in Iraq right now, and will no longer be armor when they return. When they return, we are phasing out to the new more "Scout friendly" type of unit, and I have been sent to re-class as a 19D and am seeing many of the tasks I saw in Phase II of my IET. I'm not sure how/when this change is going to occur, but yes, the rumors do seem to be true that these two jobs are going to be combined in some way in the not so distant future.
Just to let you know...the answer to your question if 19D..being phased out!!!!!! No way in hell.....they just activated 18 Scout Platoons at FT DRUM, NY...30 Man platoons each....Scouts going to be around awhile, for a long time..
Check it out fellow tankers,
Sadly I have to report that if you are an E-4 or below, you will not be able to re-enlist as a tanker. And my 19D brother (because we are all brothers) is correct. 19Ds will be around for a very long time because the dismounted soldier has a better job security than the mounted soldier. That's why I teach my soldiers dismounted OPs whenever possible. But if you study for the board and make enough promotion points, you can re-enlist as an NCO. Why you ask??? Because we are the trained Professionals on these beasts. It would be a waste of experience, knowledge, and tactical skill to give up a NonCommisioned Officer in his field of expertise. Tanks are still rolling in Iraq. Though very few, they are still rolling. That being said, tankers ARE being asked to do dismounted patrols. Which is fine by me because I feel my eyes are still doing the same thing - - - looking for the bad guy!!!!! Keep your focus young soldiers and don't let fear of change dissuade your committment to your country. We all have a job to do and HOPEFULLY, your leaders will give you the tools to do it well.

Always REDCON1 in my Beast,
Supertankman SSG O'Connor
I'm not sure I'm buying this whole can't re-enlist as an E-4 as a tanker considering here in 3rd ACR we just re-enlisted a ton of SPC and below as tankers. Anyway Tankers and Scouts are staying around it's just that our jobs are becoming more closely related.
That's right, tankers and scout arre working more closely now than ever. I have heard rumors though that 19D is going to be the thing of the future and that they will be expanded greatly. which makes sense if you think about it. We can dismount from and armored vehicle to provide security and the vehicles that got us there are a hell of a lot faster than humping your ruck across the desert if the shit hits the fan. Also, to all the tankers, next time you have to do a dismounted patrol or something like that, imagine a shell flying over your head. Check twice, shoot once, and faze out the sayiing "when in doubt, shoot a scout"Smiler thanks
Im well aware that this discussion took place some years ago but I still want to give my two cents. 19d's are not fazing out 19k's arent either but u have to take a closer look at the world today veruses 1950 when we had tank divisons and we were fighting wars that had offense and defense but in todays world our leaders envision that terrorist will be around for awhile and that the fact is that they dont have tanks. Dont get me wrong tankers are my bros and theres nothing like going on a patrol or raid with 2 abrams with us the way the iraqis look at it but they are slow and bulky so in urban combat they cant do much. If u look at how combat teams are formed now, im in a stryker cav unit and we have 19k's but they drive strykers but every infantry man and scout gets trained to drive them so tankers have no purpose but think of it this way combat arms are combat arms the army dont care if your a scout or ada when shit hits the fan u will be there and all combat arms mos recieve the same training that enhances our ability to maintain and sustain combat

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