I might be going to the 25Q course. AATRS says its going to be a 6 week resident course. I'm an E4 right now, and I'll be going to this course to get the E5 slot in my unit (25B, my current MOS, is only a E4 spot.. oddly enough.)

I'm just curious if there's any E4/E5 25Q MOS-Ts going through the course, or has recently gone through the course.. and what I might expect as far as living goes. POV availability, housing, what you do daily, etc.

Thanks in advance.
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MOS-T you're allowed POV and depending on availability, might be in a room to yourself or in a bay with other Soldiers.

Class starts at 0830 in the morning, so PT is earlier than usual. Wink Get ready for lots of BS formations and training, etc..
Weekends are generally free but you have duty sometimes.

Don't complain too much! You're getting paid for sitting around and no one is shooting at you. Big Grin

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