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I have a lot of questions about this topic. I am prior service NG so no BCT but I will go to new AIT.

1. After AIT, if I do not get airborne or any of that, then will I report to my Perm Station or will I return to my family to help them move?

2. I have read of a waiting list lasting from months to years, what is the temporary solution? My concern is the short period of time between reporting to the station and finding a longterm housing solution. Is there onpost temp apartments or are we stuck in a hotel/eating out situation?

3. For government housing is smoking allowed in them?
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When you finish AIT (or Airborne) you will get your orders to PCS to your duty station and at that point you can take leave to go help your family in moving there (ask for Permissive TDY, free "leave" to find a place to live). The post you going to should have on-post lodging, try that first, if they are full you will get a memo authorizing you to get a hotel off post (am I wrong anyone? I know when you go TDY you have to do that, havent neeeded to do it for PCS yet)...when you get there, the day that your PTDY is going to start you need to go to housing and sign in (if you go before then and they stamp your leave form the day they stamp it is the day your PTDY starts). If housing is full, you will be put on a list waiting for a house, I waited about 1 month b/c I was in Korea before I got here so that whole year they took it off my waiting time (I would have waited over 6 months), in the mean time you can get an apartment off-post and get BAH. Your housing office will tell you what you are authorized to get, they offered me a 2 bedroom and a 3 bedroom renovated house even though I dont have kids, BUT they would not give me a brand new 2 bedroom house b/c I dont have enough dependents, go figure huh? Good luck!!!
If they do not give you the number of bedrooms that you think you need, go to your unit and ask your commander for an "Exception to Policy" memorandum requesting larger quarters. (Housing uses a policy concerning the sex and age of you children to decide how many bedrooms you qualify for.) You will have to give a reason but in my experience they are usually pretty good about trying to accomadate if they have the availability.
Are rental properties available around most military bases that offer month to month leases? Otherwise it would suck to get accepted for base housing with 8 months left on the year lease.

My wife and I have lived in rentals all through college and never ran into a monthly lease that wasn't a slum. I have never lived near a military base and I am not sure how college towns relate to military base towns, given the same type of transient population.

Thanks for the heads up on all this. Not really wanting a huge house, just more to clean, but would like my kids to have their own room. Smiler
you can do monthly basis but its so much more could also do 6 month lease if the wait time is less than a year and then do month to month...they might have a military clause but if you are moving in to housing voluntarily it might not cover that lease good! Good luck.
It really depends on where you get stationed. It depends on what kind of living conditions you want/expect, the prior military renters (could leave a bad taste in the owners mouth), pets, price range you want, school districts.
I pcs'd from Germany, was told it was 6-8 months. I couldn't find a place that took pets, so I took gov't housing 30 miles away. Lease was up and couldnt' find anything worth renting and on post housing was 12-24 months, so I bought a house. If you plan on being at a station for at least 3 years, not a bad choice since you are paying yourself, the govt pays your mortage and it's your house. Always a lot involved when pcs'ing. Just don't settle for something just because...seen it done and the family was miserable

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