Moving to Ft Hood-Help!

My husband just found out yesterday that he's on orders for Ft Hood. I was not expecting that at all; my husband was told to come choose a duty station 8/29, but the orders came early before he had a chance to pick himself. Which is fine, it's the way it is, and I accept that. But we PCS early next year, and I'd like to be as prepared as possible.

I've been told Copperas Cove and Harker Heights are decent, and I've heard Nolanville and Kempner aren't bad. Thoughts?

Are there any decent areas in Killeen (north, south, etc)?

Other than Austin, is there any sort of a 'down town' area with shops, restaurants, bookstores and the like closer by?

My main concern is really safety. Hubby is an E4 so we're not rich, though I will be looking for work ASAP.

What is there to do on post? I've heard it's huge. What are the commissary and PX like?

And does anyone know anything about the OTC and what it's like there?

Thanks so much, I'm really desperate for information. I've been on AHRN and the Ft Hood family housing website, but really would like personal observations. Confused
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I stay in Killeen and have been to FT Hood twice and each time I chose to stay in Killeen. However the unit he is assigned to should probally identify where you'll live. Unless you don't mind 40-50 minute commutes to post.

If hes going to 1 CD I recommend Killeen or Cove.

Lonestarrealty is who I rent thru.
If you have children I would get a house in Copperas Cove, Lampasas, or Kempner. The schools are better in those cities. If you choose to live in harker heights, nolanville, or killeen your children would go to killeen district schools. If you choose to live on base the schools on post are also ran by the killeen school district. We had so many issues with the schools in the killeen school district that we ended up home schooling.

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