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I'm finishing up my first deployment to Afghanistan as a MP. I'm sick and tired of the attitude of fellow MPs thinking 'we set the standard' when we really don't set shit. MPs care more about how things 'look' then getting the job done.

Can anybody convince me that there is less politics and better team work down range for infantry men vs. military police?
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It really depends on the Infantry unit. I can tell you for a fact is that all it takes is one bad NCO in your chain of command to destroy morale in the infantry especially if that NCO is the PSG or higher. So it's really hit or miss. Also in garrison the Infantry does not have a job so there is a lot of BS that goes on.
Well I can tell you that I could not have a better group of infantry to work with than 2-27th Inf Wolfhounds with 25ID.

And as far as being a MP or any other MOS downrange all you have is team work if you dont have that you might want to take a look at your unit that you are in. I beleive NCO's set the standard rather it be 31B or 11B dont matter.

I have been with a few MP units attached to SF and some regular Inf units, I like being a MP myself but to each is their own if you feel you are tired then by all means brother go to another MOS or get out. Because I feel right now at seven years in if at ten I feel I no longer want to do a job in the military I will get out or change it.

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