My ETS date is May 3rd 2009, but from what I hear, since it falls on a weekend, it will be pulled back to May 1st 2009 which is a Friday, business day. I also have 30 days left of leave which I want to use as Terminal.

My problem is that my company is going to Korea for Gunnery and OP4 end of February, 22nd is the latest rumor and I'm on the roster to go. If I use my Terminal, it will start on April 2nd, 2009 and I think you get 10 days to clear so that will put me at March 19th, 2009 (counting only business days) which should be the day I am exempt from training. By the time we come back from Korea it will be either mid or late March depending on how long we're there for and how accurate the deployment date is.

We're a Mechanized Infantry Company and most of the experienced gunner's have PCS'd or ETS'd already leaving me and one other E4. We have an incoming CO who will be taking over very soon and they don't want to screw him over on his crew so they put me as his gunner. Now the problem with that is:

1.) I have no retainability, I get out in less than 4 months, and this unit deploys after I'm gone.

2.) This does nothing good for the future of the company. Everytime I'm in the gunner's seat, I am taking trigger time away from my replacement.

3.) Looking good in gunnery is all up to me, I decide how good I want to shoot. Just because I shot Top Gun before, doesn't mean I'll do it again, but they know I'm not the type to bitch so they're taking advantage of it.

4.) I've been on profile for an injured back from Iraq and part of my profile is "No Gear" or "No Plates" if gear is worn. I don't know how good this will do in my defense, but I think they can still force me on the plane, because we probably won't wear gear since it's not a combat zone. If this happens I'll have no choice and might as well shoot anyways, I'm not going to hold out my profile and say no.

5.) I'm not even suppose to be in this slot, it should be E5 and above, plus I'm not even close to being promotable, they just want to look good for gunnery.

I don't know what else to do. I have told my new commander my situation hoping he'll understand and he told me that he is the one that signs my Terminal Leave and he won't do it. The only thing I think I have left is if there's some kind of Pre-Deployment Medical Readiness that I have to pass and if I keep this profile up, I won't be able to pass it.

I'm trying to go NYPD when I get out, and how soon I get out is a concern to me, because the sooner I get out, the sooner I can get with my investigator and the sooner I can start my new career. I've been with the same plan since I was 17. I'm 21 now and I'm not going to change it for anyone. I've paid my dues, I've served my country, and now I want to serve my city. What is so wrong with that? Why can't they understand? I've always done my job and served well for this company, aren't they suppose to help me get out now?

I need some advise guys, maybe some clarification on Terminal Leave and Clearing regulations, along with Medical Readiness. Oh and don't even bother with my 1SGT, he's on the same page with the CO.
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