My First Army Tour of Duty

It's been a number of years since I started my blog, A Soldier's Tales, and I am going through the posts I did about my first tour of duty in the Army from 1957-60. I decided to revise/rewrite them and post them again. My first post will soon appear about enlisting and making it from the Inprocessing Station to Basic Training.

As they progress, they will take you on my Ocean Cruise to Europe and the train ride of Bordeaux, France. From there by bus to the 1st Platoon, 581st Engineer Company (Field Mainenance) at Landes de Bussac.

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MSgt Dale Day, US Army, Retired
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I've just continued the story of my first tour of duty in the US Army with a bit about my arrival by train in Gay Paree and further travel to a place called Camp de Bussac just north of Bordeaux. It is just the start as I have far more to write about my little over two years in the land of wine and perfume - and explaining why the French invented it. Check it out @

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