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I'm an army spouse, my husband has been in the army for seven yrs. He has completed two deployments overseas. He has reenlisted once and after many injuries and no proper healing time was put on a p3 in January of this year. He suffers from severe ptsd and tbi along with needed knee surgery on his left knee. He has suffered hearing loss and memory loss which continues to be a daily problem. His company here on fort bliss put him on the fat boy program while on a p3 back in January. my husband is on a list of meds for anxiety , depression, sleep issues etc all steming from the tbi and ptsd. Everything has been documented for the last 2 yrs or so and so we thought that they would move him to the wtu or wtb. However that is not the case, they sent him on continuous details, field trainings and nie training. They started the medboard process but canceled it while he was in the field. Now they are trying to throw a chapter 18 at him saying he hasn't tried to lose weight. His commander doesn't even try to give him a chance or to help him. They won't even give him a copy of the chapter 18 counseling that they just forced him to sign last week. They are not telling him how long all of this is going to take and we have no house set up for our family since they did this to him with little warning. What can we do , who can we talk to that will help us? We don't know whats going to happen ? we wanted nothing more than to be lifers. Can someone help me with advice and information? I've been bustin my butt to find us housing and/or va loan for housing , I've been in contact with realtors, inlaws etc trying to figure out what to do , we have two kids and dogs so we can't be homeless. I know the army is making some mandatory cuts however leaving a soildier and his family in the dark to fend for themselves is wrong. What can we do and what can we expect to happen?
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First of all, I want to say, that I know that it is rough on a family when someone is getting involuntary separated/losing a job because of the changes of life's plans and unknowns.

When these type of threads are posted by spouses or the Soldier themselves; I do sympathized but there are two sides to the story. The Soldier who feels like they are the victim and how the "Army" is now giving them a raw deal and how the bad "Command" just wants to just kick them out regardless of their stellar service and the results of their combat experience.

The military tries to do whatever they can (from my observations and experiences) to help retain someone. I know because they have with me and my bum leg but I am doing my part as well.

If a Soldier lets them self go by gaining weight; which the only way is by eating and drinking more than exercising or by certain medications; then they should do their part by ensuring that does not happen.

I grew up in the South Bronx and saw violence from age five so when I was in combat for the first time in Iraq; I believe that may not have had the same effect on me that it does with other people who get PTSD. I have Soldiers of mine that go to weekly appointments for mental health ensuring that they are taken care of.

No house setup? Remember, it is up to you to prepare and plan for your future. The Army is leaving nobody in the dark. That is not the Army's responsibility. Your husband needs to speak to his Chaplain for assistance. Attend with him if possible.

Call this number on this website
thank you so much for the insight, as well as for the links and information. I am prepared for whatever happens , credit score is great, kids are prepared for whatever change, my degree and past work experience has already landed me a position even before arriving to our new destination, my realtor has been great in helping me learn the ropes of home buying being a previous military spouse herself. I feel I am prepared but you can never be 100 percent ready for what is to come all you can do Is rely on God and do your part. Thanks again.
Good luck and hope everything works out for you and your spouse. Unfortunately with todays environment the Army is not going to tolerate anymore long term overweight people or repeat APFT failures, those "flags" are tracked very closely, for instance in my unit I track everyone's flags (overweight, pt failure, adverse action) and once they become "overdue" I have to provide detail (well the Commander has to tell me so I can brief BDE and higher) on what is the situation on that Soldier so if your husband has been flagged since January and has made no progress or worse gained weight, the CDR every week or so is telling higher ups the same "nope johnny has made no progress".
I have never heard of a medical board being cancelled. It has to come to a determination at one point and that may have been to retain your husband due his ability to perform in his MOS and Army or that his supporting medical documentation didn't show he can't do his job.

At this point, he must reduce his weight and pass the APFT. If you have any specific questions regarding the medical board process, please let me know.


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