My Old 2 & 1/2 ton

:?: Quick question for the older motor monkies from a younger one

I went to start my DUECE and A Half the other day and it was almost like

the engine was running backwards Exhaust came out the intake

my exhauts became my intake my forward gears were all reverse and

my reverse was forward it works fine now i just wanna know how it

happend and how i can make it happen again cause no one belives me
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this is true we had a HMMWV loose its front diff the only hmmwv i seen that could do doughnuts and smoke the tires.... not that i would have done doughnuts or any thing i diddnt want them to fix it it was something to see

or the time in korea when we were driveing around with no headers on the truck thats a loud sumofabit
I have seen these things run backwards many times. It is more common than ppl think. What happens is when starting the engine backfires cand causes the engine to run backwards. Or the truck is parked in a forward gear and the switch is left on and it is pushed backwards and it fires. The engine is compression ignition so all it needs is compression to fire the engine. Just shut it down and restart and it will run fine. I am old school 63B My mos designator was Power Generation Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic. Pick that up way back in 1979.

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