ugh- I don't know about that.
If you don't let injuries heal all the way they can irritate forever.

If he just toughs it out he'll end up going to advanced training broken and will have a hard time of that too.

BUT if he goes for surgery at Basic, it could be hard mentally. It will take a while to recover and finally be well enough to "start training again" and it will be physically hard.


either way the Army will take care of him physically but the other Soldiers will not necessarily be helpful mentally/emotionally. It will be hard to keep his spirits up-
-have him focus on getting all the medical care and questions answered from the doctors and whatever
-then focus on staying strong through it on the inside. Go to church if that's his thing, read good books and do other things to keep his spirit and emotions strong. (don't just sit around watching movies or playing games or whatever. It takes mind off but isn't productive)

Good luck to him and you!

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