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I'm currently active duty and am joining the national guard. I elected to reclass to 25B in the guard also. How does AIT work with the national guard? I would love to complete the course (I believe its 6 months long) straight out but it would be very nice to know this before I get my job lined up. I get the feeling I won't know very much until I get to my national guard unit? Thank you for anyone's input on this...

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i can help on this somewhat..

most likely, you will not go to FT Gordon for 25B course. You will go to a NG 25B reclass course. for that MOS, there are a couple of locations.. i went to Reno for my 25B course at the beginning of this year. i HIGHLY recommend going there!!!

i think one/the other location is Arkansas.

the course is a little over 2 months long.
if you are not familiar with computers/networking/cisco IOS/ Security+, then disregard anything i say below and use this time now to prepare yourself.

while at Camp Stead, Reno. (one of the reclass locations)
if your close enough, or can drive, do so.
the camp is a small complex area, and nothing within walking distance.. it will be a long 2 months even if you do make friends. car rental most likely wont be auth, but thats on your unit. but a vehicle is needed.

class begins about 0730
ends about 1600
school normally on Sat till noon-1600 with sundays off.. and some Sats as well.

no PT test ( due to the altitude)
there is a gym on site, and plenty of open roads to run on with little traffic.

it will be cold, and snowy there.
on the weekends, i highly reocmmend going snowboarding or sking as the resorts allow military members free ski passes with MIL ID.

plenty of Casinos about 15 min drive away. i mention this not because of gambling, but because of the dinner buffets as they will be alot better than the DFAC (which is free).

class material-
the hardest subjects will be the 2 (two) Cisco INCD courses. they are full semester courses that you will have to complete in 10 days each.
the exams are PearsonVue proctored exams, no military ones. all exams are fails once and you retest on your own time (i.e 4am) and if you fail the 2nd time you go home.

your first Cisco course will be the 2nd week.
other subjects covered will be tradoc exams. you will learn alot there. SSG Nelson, Palomino are great instructors, as well as the others i failed to mention. you will enjoy the class.

there is WIFI in the rooms. its flacky at best, but its there. the rooms are hotel like rooms that you will either have a room to yourself, or share with 1 other person.

if you already have certifications, great.. its not going to matter, your still doing the courses and exams.

You will be treated like an adult by the instructors. expect your class to lose that respect and privleges if they screw up though.

your time is your time! if you need help, the instructors are there, and WILL come in any time you want to use the lab or need help. they will bend over backwards and helpout anyone. they are great!

the takeaways-
DRIVE or get a rental
go snowboarding/skiing
try the buffets

PM me for more info if you like..

P.S. - get in the habit now of taking your CAC card and locking your computer if you stand up and leave... even if its only 5 ft away. your punishment can range from 25 pushups to a couple of hundred. all depends on how the dice roll..... your in reno after all!

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