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Scheduled to complete 890A WOBC in December and just curious where I would find info about how to transition from National Guard to active duty and if it is even possible.

I have to assume its based off of the needs of the Army, but would like to know where to look or who to talk to.
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It's going to boil down to timing man, and right now timing isn't in your favor.

Keep a good rapport with a recruiter that you feel you can trust, and periodically check in on them to see about non dated info. It will probably something that they have to call HQ Recruiting Command about.
I finished WOAC last year for Cyber and GEN Odierno visited us and stated that he can get any Reserve or Guard Warrant (for that WOMOS) that wanted to come active. A MILPER Call to Active Duty was released about a week later.

Here is the article that came about during that time

A “help wanted” notice has been posted for qualified officers of the National Guard and Army Reserve who want to transition to full-time active-duty service with the Army.

The newly updated Call to Active Duty program is targeted at selected reservists of the Army Competitive Category branches and functional areas who are qualified for service in several growth and understrength specialties that have priority requirements in the Regular Army.

Despite the ongoing drawdown, these are good career opportunities with promotion potential in the Regular Army force structure that will follow the force cuts of the next few years, according to personnel officials.

The CAD program does not apply to special branch officers of the Army Medical Department, Judge Advocate General’s Corps and Chaplain Corps.

The issue for many who were initially interested were moving and going to locations that did not interest them (ie. remaining in the DC area). Also, some were young and were concerned that after switching, not making it to CW3 due to the drawdown and not getting their 20.

At your WOBC, there will be NG and AR liaisons at your location (They should be CW5s). I will engage your rep for advice and information.

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