NCO Creed

The following is a webpage I made to help me with memorizing the NCO Creed:

How it works is that you can use the buttons on the bottom of the page to hide the NCO creed and then advance or rewind it one sentence at a time.

Note that this is a mobile optimized webpage, so you can use it on your iPhone/iPad or Android phone.

Hopefully some of you will find it helpful.
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I will be very leary of a poster that has only posted twice and the last time in January. And then the first respondee is by a person who posted for the first time.


Plus that site came up block on my DoD system. You probably will get malwared installed. Be leary people.

I learned the NCO creed the old fashion way. Through my own flash cards.
TheWiseChief, I promise you there is no Malware involved. If you view the source code on the webpage you will see it is handwritten by me using good old fashioned HTML with a little jQuery and jQuery mobile (very common and popular Javascript libraries for making things like this). I created this as a tool for myself and I am sharing this with the rest of the Army in the hopes that it is useful to others.

I'm mostly just a lurker so I never saw a need to post anything until last January.

The address for the web page looks like that because I am an E-5 supporting a family of 4 on just my income, so pardon me for not purchasing a domain name and paying for a nicer hosting service. This was the first free web page hosting service I came across that would work on my DoD work computer.

Also, this site is NOT blocked on my DoD computer at work, and I have been complimented on this site by my co-workers so I know that it works for others as well. Maybe it is something to do with your location.

Think of this as flash cards for the smart phone generation.

Also, thanks for sticking up for me Daddy Warcrimes.
I understand that you don't want to endorse anything Daddy Warcrimes. I just think it's a shame that a number of soldiers will read TheWiseChief's comment and decide not to make use of a potentially helpful tool that was submitted to this forum in good faith to help soldiers become NCOs.

If there's anything I can do to verify myself or my creation as safe, I am more than willing to do that.

Also, TheWiseChief, is there any way that we can have a mature discussion which could eventually lead to a retraction or correction of your comment?
The trapper, I am a moderator on another forum and the rules usually prohibit this type of information being passed. But if your website is legit and safe as you said; then you have nothing to be worried about. My opinions were just based on the information on my system. Anyway, I am downrange and many sites get filtered for whatever reason.

Soldiers, when you are the internet, you are free to do whatever you like so if you want to utilize the trapper's app; then have at it.

@the_trapper, I'm on a DoD computer, clicked the link, came up blocked. Maybe it's because I'm in Europe, but WiseChief is correct in encouraging folks to exercise caution, although (and not to be insulting) his influence is not so great that folks who want to check out your site, would not do so because of his post. You seem well intended, but I think good old fashioned 3x5 cards will work just fine Smiler
TheWiseChief, thanks, I think that's a better way to put things.

SGT. T, I guess I'll have to find another free hosting site that isn't blocked. The problem is that the DoD seems to block the more legitimate ones like Google App Engine for some reason. The problem with these free web hosts is that some people do post things on them that aren't so good and the DoD in their wisdom decides to just block the whole domain. I'll keep looking and let everyone know if I can find something that will work better. It's too bad I don't really have the money for a paid web host right now.

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