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After reading an article of the Army Times regarding the amount of Staff Sergeants picked up for Sergeant First Class(Congrats if you made it), I notice it referenced the new NCO Timeline for promotion. It kind of bugged me because it says for NCO's staying in the Army until their 20 year mark will have the opportunity to become SFC's, and if they wanted to make Sergeant Major they would have to be in until 32 years. How do you feel about Officers being promoted to LTC/COL in about 20 years and NCO's will have to push past that margin to gain an equal level of rank? Officers can make CPT around 4 years and at 6 years become Company Commanders, but to be a 1SG we have to have over 20 years in the army?
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All changes are driven toward force shaping and cost savings. My friend that I knew in the Marines is currently in her 31st year of service and is a SGTMAJ. She was telling me how she made E7 (below the zone) at 14 years. And obviously that is because the Marines are a smaller service and fewer fast track compared to Soldiers.

For most of the war period, officers were getting CPT at three years and for warrants, it was CW3 at five; now its longer.

Many NCOs pursued warrant because of the promotion opportunities.

But if you look at the last board, over 15 thousand plus were looked at for E7. When have you seen that many officers looked at for the next rank? Put that into perspective.
I think what the OP is trying to say is that officer promotions put them in positions of leadership i.e. company level, battalion level, far sooner than enlisted promotions do. For example, I'm a SSG with almost 12 years TIS, that's more TIS than my current company commander has, however, my 1SG has over 20yrs TIS.

I think this is partially due to the number of enlisted Soldiers and NCOs, we are a far larger demographic than the officer ranks. Simply put, there are just too many of us to promote much faster than we currently are, especially with the reduction in force. It's less expensive for a Soldier to reach their RCP than it is to promote them and train them, and getting promoted is becoming harder and harder, especially for Soldiers looking to make SGT and SSG. You also have to take into account, a brand new 2LT is going to be in charge of a platoon sized element and will have a SFC or even a SSG showing him the ropes. I say that to say, officers need experienced leadership, although they out rank their NCOs they still need to take direction from their NCOs and support their NCOs recommendations because that NCOs years of experience are paramount to leading Soldiers and accomplishing the mission.

Also the scope of responsibility of NCOs compared the that of officers is different. NCOs train the force, enforce the standards, and are the boots on the ground when it comes to shaping today's Sodliers for the future to include grooming our officers into better leaders. Any officer worth their salt has likely had an outstanding NCO that molded and advised them throughout their career. In regards to promotions, I don't worry much about officer promotions, that's a different food chain and frankly I've always felt officers were a bit disconnected with the Soldiers; where as an NCO, I have daily contact with my Soldiers and a direct influence on their day to day lives and careers and I enjoy setting my Soldiers (to include my officers) up for success. Just my two cents.

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