Ok, here is my question. I am a SGT, and so is my boss. (No problem, I really like him). I am in a 30 slot, and he is in a 40 slot. I am senior to him in TIG, and that is fine too, becuse I reclassed to my current MOS and he has spent his whole career in it, so I don't mind. He is teaching me a lot. Anyways, He should pick up E-6 before me, because I need another 7 months TIS to even be eligible for the secondary zone. I know he can't rate me now, but when it comes time for my NCOER, he should be a SSG. My question is, can he still do my quarterly counselings? We are trying to do this the right way.
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It's a little different in my situation. We are only an 8 man detachent, with and 0-3 on top. He would be my rater, if I was rated today. And he will write the counselings if needed, but the other SGT should be SSG in a few months anyway, so we were just wondering if he could write the quarterlies now. Thanks for your response.
Yes just tell him to write the quarterly counseling, so when your NCOER is due who ever is rating and writing the NCOER has some ideas of what you have done/accomplished! Just tell that NCO to knock it out, it doesn't matter who does the quarterly counseling as long as your NCOER is done properly!
The issue comes when there is a change of rater really. Realistically if your quarterly counsellings were started by one person, but were going to be finished (before your rating period ended) by another, technically there would be a rating change, and a Change of Rater NCOER would be needed.

So IF this SGT is going to be your rater throughout the WHOLE process, then it will be fine if he counsels you quarterly. IF the other mentioned SSG will be your new rater he/she should begin counseling you now. This is all assuming there will be a rating chain change, and that you are only on your first quarter counseling.

Long story short, since he is already your Rater, you should be good to go. Only problem arises if your Rater changes after the first quarter. If you think they might change this, bring up the issue now, as it is ideal to have a year of fully rated time, vice a five/six month NCOER because your rating chain changed.

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