Quick question: I am a SFC and just received an NCOER with NO counseling dates and I was rated a 2 / 1 and have never been counceled. I was wondering if it is worth appealing. There have been numerous personality conflicts and I was eventually moved away from the comany. It was a COR NCOER and I was only rated for 6 mths bc of SLC and Leave over 30 days. What should I do?
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Personality conflicts with your Rater?

If it were me I would go to my Rater with stronger bullets that support the 1/1 and if they do not agree I would continue to argue my case with my Senior Rater.

As far as the Counseling dates go.. Have you been counseled on the 2166-8-1? I would expect that there is a digital copy with dates if you have which you can just transfer to the NCOER.
Without spending a lot of time typing out a full reply look at my reply here (http://community.armystudyguide.com/groupee/forums/a/tpc/f/9731043041/m/3367091436). I don't think you have any cause for appeal.
I have a couple questions for you. I don't think you have a case to appeal, especially if its a 2/1. For six months, that is a good rating.

Are you making a case to appeal because it's a 2/1 with no counseling?

If it was a 1/1 NCOER would you be preaching the same case for an appeal due to counseling?

You can refuse to sign if you wish, just because the admin data is wrong. The NCOER will still be processed with a comment in the senior rating section, stating you refused to sign.

I don't know you exact situation, but appealing a 2/1 NCOER will not really happen.
You have no ground to stand on whatsoever.

Failure to comply with any or all support or counseling form requirements will not constitute the sole grounds for appeal of an evaluation report (AR 623-3, 3-4, g)
I'm with 1SG. I'd keep a 2/1 for the 6 months. It's too late now, but I hope you have non-rated codes in there as well for SLC and leave over 30 days. Then it would add to the rated time of the NCOER.

As for the counseling dates, they should have caught that and that's sad no one did. Don't let it happen to the next one.

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