So I'm about to go through with my first NCOER Appeal and I was hoping to fish for some advice from around the community based of your experiences.

Basically the Company I deployed with had me take 4 record APFT's in the last few months of deployment. On the APFT part was a breeze, but on H/W I was -4% in the beginning for June, -1% on August 13th, +1% on August 20th, and -1% on August 24th.

The NCOER that posted to HRC show's that it was signed August 31st with a needs improvement and a H/W fail with no supporting bullets, just general bullets.

Just wanted to give a little background.
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I say absolutely appeal it. If there are no supporting bullets or counselings and you were within regs, I say rock on.

Let us know how it goes.
Yeah man first of all, DA Pam 623-3 says that rater specific bullet examples are mandatory to explain a NO in the height/weight box.

Table 3-4

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Anyways, DA Pam 623-3 also specifically says that bullet comments are mandatory regardless of the rating given. It also says right on top of the NCOER form that bullets are MANDATORY and SUBSTANTIVE bullets are required for "EXCELLENCE" or "NEEDS IMPROVEMENT".

My question to you is, how did you possibly sign this and not talk it over with your rating chain first?
I figured as much. I know that any of the NCOER's that I wrote for my NCO's had to have the specific bullet and that was during the same time period.

This is where things get interesting. The NCOER that I signed and still have a copy of shows passing H/W. The only way I can see this happening is someone wrote up a different second page then sent this new second page up with the original first page.

I managed to get ahold of my rater, who was my PLT SGT at the time and he's just as confused as I am about the H/W fail. I also found out that this happened to several other cross leveled NCO's from the deployment.
I dont know how they managed to change it with all signatures in place unless it was signed manually and later altered it. In either case you have a case specially if you have an NCOER that has you passing height and weight. Another possitive point is that it appears that your Rater is with you. He is the one who inputs that data as you should already know. Go with it i see a win win situation here!

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