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I'm a fairly new NCO, and I've only received one annual NCOER, which wasn't bad being a 2/1 and rated in a 30 position.

My last NCOER I had issues with getting the quarterly counselings and any sort of guidance about them from my last unit.

I PCS'd about 8 months ago and my new NCOER is coming up.

The problem is, I'm having a strong feeling that it's not going to be so hot, due to being constantly singled out and not being able to adapt well to the "good ol' boy system" here.

I've been told that I have been the main problem in the office, and that I am not adapting well.

I know for a fact that my current rater is incompetent at counseling. He has given me three counseling statements with multiple obvious spelling errors and limited to no plans of action.

Two counselings were for asking about going to ALC, which means to him that "I was only caring about myself". During one of these counseling sessions, he counseled me in front of two of my peers, which seemed like more of an interrogation than a counseling session. This was all because someone heard that "I wanted to go to ALC if I had the opportunity and if the shop allowed it."

The other counseling statement was for barracks clean-up because I had a "cluttered" room.

I received only one "quarterly counseling" on a da form 4856 which was very vague and only mentioned getting to know my job better and successfully completing Airborne school (which I did).

By no means have I caused a problem to our section or the office. I have completed 2 difficult schools while I have been at my current unit along with Airborne school. I scored over 90 in each event on my last APFT and I passed height and weight.

I have had multiple talks with my rater, letting him know that I am doing everything I can, and I feel like I am being singled out. It seems to me that there may be a jealousy factor involved due to my young age (he has mentioned that in one of my counseling sessions), as well as my physical fitness (My rater cannot pass an APFT, and I have a strong feeling that he is overweight as well)

My NCOER is due in 3 months, and I am very concerned that it is not going to be pretty. Is there some sort of disaster prevention I can do here?
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Try talking to your Senior Rater. Express your concerns. You can always talk to your reviewer too, and your CSM. It is a shitty system, and the appeal system is shittier. I am not saying just accept it, but in the long run, if it ends up being sub-par to your the rest of the evaluations you recieve, when it come time for centralized boards, they will know whats up. Good Luck.

As for ALC, highly unlikely your Rater has any influence on it. I don't know your MOS, but in mine, I contacted Branch who enrolled me in Phase I and for Phase II.

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