I've run into an issue with an NCOER that nobody seems to know how to correct. Back in 2011, I had signed my last NCOER and had got out of the Army. Fast forward to the present, I have gotten back into the Army and have been questioned about a missing evaluation from my 1SG and SGM. Come to find out, that last NCOER was rejected with this message;

"Complete the Record. Report and individual not identified in the board zone. No Board Code (see AR 623?3, para 3?60). NCOER cannot be signed more than 14 days prior to the end date of the report (DA Pam 623-3, para 3-5). The error(s) listed here need to be corrected. Please make corrections, re-sign, and resubmit corrected evaluation through AKO Forms. We will switch the revised version with this evaluation (currently on hold) in order to complete processing to the rated Soldier?s OMPF.

So this has been sitting there since 2011. I don't understand the first portion and my only advise was to try and get them to resign. If I can't get them to resign my NCOER or come to find out that they retired, ETSed the Army, or just don't respond to me, what options do I have for getting this corrected and submitted? I have referenced AR 623-3 and have not come up with anything that applies or perhaps I overlooked it. Any help would be appreciated.
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I should have been more clear. This is all active duty so I'm at a new duty station and everyone is clueless to include the S1. The best and only response was try and find them to resign. I started the process a week ago and yeah... Still at no signatures. Hoping there is a memo or something that can put in to get it posted.
Straight from S1.net on similar issue:

If you can print a copy of the NCOER (with full nine-digit SSNs) and mail it to the Rater, SR, he/she can manually sign (ink sign) and date the NCOER and return it to you for mailing to HQDA/HRC:

U.S. Army Human Resources Command


1600 Spearhead Division Avenue

Department #470

Fort Knox, KY 40122-5407

If all efforts to obtain the Raters and SR's signature fail. The Soldier may submit a request for a nonrated time statement with complete justification and an explanation of actions taken to obtain the Rater and SR's signature. Such requests will be adjudicated on a case-by-case basis.

An approved request for a nonrated time statement will not change the fact the Soldier will have a gap in their rating history. However, the HQDA-approved nonrated time statement can accompany a letter to the president of a selection board explaining the reason for the gap.

Why, on ACTIVE DUTY, did they process an evauluation with signatures signed too early and wrong type, BLOWS MY MIND!

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Or ttheri, see if you can edit the 2011 NCOER by changing it to either Change of rater or Discharge and back up the THRU date about a week or however long, so the signatures would be within the 14 days of THRU date.

Long shot but might fix your dilema.

"Know your Craft"
A lot if red tape don't see why too would questio you like you did Somthing wrong...

If you being looked at for da promotion
Just include a letter to the board to explain non rates time/ missing reports

You can also suit it as correction though
The ncoer correction iaw ar 623-3. I've done it before it's easy,

As for s1 most s1 section I have delt with are crap you have to do it your self, the only s1's that are worth a shit are cilvian run
Thanks Engineer, I'm a Civilian full time and SFC part-time. If this NCOER came across my desk for submission, it would have been returned within 15 seconds after review.

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