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Just want to double check on this...

I am doing a PCS, with a report date of Feb 14 2010, and begin PCS leave Jan 3rd to the 4th (EARLY report on the 4th), then Permissive TDY from the 4th to the 14th. My last NCOER was my annual that went thru to 20100612.

Question: What is my thru date on this upcoming NCOER? is it ...
20100613 thru 20100102 (day before my PCS starts?)
20100613 thru 20100204 (early report date so that I can take TDY leave)
20100613 thru 20100214 (report date according to orders)

Any help would be great
Original Post
This same thing happended to a friend.

You have plenty of time to recieve another NCOER before you leave. So you should have a thru date to the day before your leave and your NCOER will be marked as PCS as oppose to annual.

Once you start preparing your next annual you should have a start date of the day you started your PCS leave. Also, you should mark non-rated time for your TDY time as well.

Hope this helps you out.

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