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Whether this is the correct answer or not, this is how it worked out for me (keep in mind this was quite some time ago):

Last duty station before reclass: Change of Rater
Reclass AIT (4 months): DA 1059
Language Training (12 months): DA 1059
New unit: Picked me up and gave me a new start date for my NCOER the day after language training graduation
That is exactly how it should work.

Your 1059 for school would be unrated time for your NCOER. Since it is longer than 1 year your 1059 will cover you for an annual NCOER.

At your next duty station after that, your time will start fresh with them from the graduation of school.

Just think of your graduation date as your next thru date.
Same, I had a similar problem while going to BNCOC and my unit disbanded. As it was presented to me, it's looked at as dead time while you are in school and your new annual should begin the day you report in to your new unit. Granted, you were/are in school and being trained towards a future, however I felt even though it was necessary, I was pretty much marking time. Do your best as your performance in the NCOA can reflect on your NCOER if you did well (I added my GPA and award given from the NCOA commandant from BNCOC on that NCOER).
(I added my GPA and award given from the NCOA commandant from BNCOC on that NCOER).

You should not do that. It is already on your DA 1059 stating your GPA and if you were commandants list or honor/distinguished honor graduate. Since while you were at school during that time, it is unrated time and your 1059 covers that unrated time on your NCOER.

In all actuality if you do use that on your NCOER, it is using the same bullet twice on one NCOER because the exact same information is on the DA 1059.

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