So Im getting ready to re-enlist and it will be indefinite which will be needs of the Army and therefore..I do know I will be stuck at my current duty station which is fine with me the problem,I'm dealing with is my wife is sick she has cancer and they do not have the medical needs for her here at this duty station.. We have been told to wait it out till, I re-enlist and hope..I will get to move to a different duty station but..I have not been here at this current one long enough..I have 5 doctors notes from doctors indicating they do not have the means for my wife on post and out in town either and that its recommend to move us back to our last duty station..Im stuck in a rock and a hard stop because..I'm afraid a compassionate reassignment will be turn down thou..I have supporting documents that her medical conditions is getting worse since we been station here...Im also getting ready for a other deployment number 6 and my wife has indicate that something needs to be done before..I deploy, I do not know what to do and Im lost any help on this please and no rude comments this is hard for me as a Soldier knowing my wife is not getting the help she needs and I'm loosing her..
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Put fourth a compassionate reassignment. Plenty of Soldiers on this forum alone have submitted AND had them approved.

IT WILL take time though for an answer, and have her understand that.

In the interim get with your Chaplain and they can help you put together the packet, that is what they are there for.
Sorry to hear.!

+1 on the compassionate reassignment- this sounds like more reason to approve it than most. Don't worry about your Joes deploying without you- the Army will move along without you. (not saying don't care for them, but right now it sounds like you need to shift priorities a weensy bit.)

Mission First, Family Always!

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