need advice! any input would be nice,thanks

hello there,im looking into joining the army sometime next year,my fall back is that i have what is called a taliors bunion on both sides of both feet..i plan on having surgery to have them taken off.whats my chance of getting through meps after the surgery and having flat feet? i am trying to stay open minded and determinded till i get dqed or pass meps.what do yall think??? thanks
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I know for me and my flat feet, it came down to the boots. With the issued boots I had to put some doctor scholls inserts to make it work.

I ended up getting oakley's which work alot better for me.

During basic not only did i have the issue with the boots, I had a big issue with the running shoes.

They made us buy their running shoes, so they new you had proper foot wear. The issue is new balance, the ones i had to get, don' have the support I needed. So after a month, and darn near getting stress fractures in my feet, I told my DS that either I get my nike's back or I go on profile. (Obviously I was tactful in doing this)

So you can do it... you just need to find the equipment that makes it work for you. But don't use it an excuse to get out of doing things.

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