need help finding correct correspondence courses

so im cool with there not being anymore easy ones, but i still cannot find courses that seem to have anything to do with the army. is there a link that anyone can post to take me to where i need to be. I go onto AKO and my education and there are too many links and none seem to give me what I need. One lets me take a couse on the Patriot missle system...really? Im a UAV operator, nothing I have found pertains to soldiering or my MOS.
Finding correspondence courses:

1) Log in to AKO
2) Go to "Self Service", then "My Education"
3) On right side of screen, look at ATRRS section
4) Click "Register for Army Distance Learning Courses"
5) Click "Advanced Course Search" on left side of screen
6) Search by School - "553 - Distributed Learning Student Support Team"
7) Register for whatever course you desire

I believe you can also register under "555 - AMEDD Correspondence Courses"
Are you using Skillport?

Skillport is all module based and you complete them fairly quickly. I got nearly 1,000 hours on there before they put a cap on the amount of points you can earn in Correspondence Courses.

You might not find anything related to your MOS, but there are definitely a lot of professional development courses on there that you can apply to soldiering. For example: Leadership, Team Building, Time Management, etc.

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