I am looking for any good examples of an NCOER Appeal Letter; my NCOER was done on a personal Level and not a professional one. Mostly the Military bearing and Leadership. Thanks
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The appeal example you are looking for is on page 74 of AR 623-3.

That being said, you do realize that an appeal must be made on the basis that the information contained within the report is incorrect, and not just that you are upset that the person gave you a needs improvement when you felt you should get a success or such.

For example, if your rater hates you and used your second to last PT test that you failed for the NCOER when you clearly have a 270 on a more recent test, you might have a valid reason for appeal. If you simply think you did a good job and they don't, you will most likely not win the appeal.

Furthermore, do understand that the appeal does not change the actual rating; it simply removes whatever comment(s) are in question or the entire NCOER itself.

On para 6-11 on page 77 of the same manual, is where it tells you what the proof must be like. Trying to prove your rater "didn't like you and judged you on a personal basis" is going to be nearly impossible to prove if there are no actual factual inaccuracies (like I listed above). If the rater put "NCO needs supervision to complete tasks to standard," how would you even prove that you don't? Chances are, you probably can't.

From para 6-13, page 78: "Note that a personality conflict between the appellant and a rating official does not constitute ground for a favorable appeal;"

Good luck. Maybe if you provided more information I could be more help.
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very good info and thanks for the help, looking at the AR now.
Let me know if you have more questions.

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